Friday, March 16, 2007

check out the amphibious archetypes on that

I am now a published author. Yes, it's true, I am - under my paparrazzi-avoiding pseudonymic nom de blog Gregory J. Wolfenbacher I have produced a Computer Science research paper which I could, if I felt inclined to do so, hawk around various conferences in luxurious locations in the hope of getting an invite. Well, I say I produced it - actually it was automatically generated for me by the clever plausible-at-first-glance-but-actually-utter-gibberish paper generator written by the clever people here. I particularly like the nice meaningless blobby diagrams with random arrows not referenced anywhere in the text. For all the nice meaningless phrases like "game-theoretic modalities" and "simulated annealing" that the generator pops into the text, the best bit is just seeing the ridiculous contributing author names you've just made up attached to an official-looking document. Here's another one with some slightly stupider names.

Alternatively, if sneaking some gibberish under the radar isn't really what you're after, and you just want to make a point, this does it quite nicely.

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