Friday, March 09, 2007

bite-size thoughts for the day

1) From seeing her on Loose Women yesterday (I know, I know. I was at home, the TV was on, what can I tell you?) I say: Regina Spektor is the new Tori Amos. Lazy comparison perhaps, but I choose to make it anyway. Redhead, piano-basher, and my kookyometer went off the scale. Case closed.

2) I find myself not entirely sympathetic to the woman in the Sheffield nightclub/police violence case. One might suggest at this point that if you don't want to get manhandled into the back of a police van, don't drink your own body weight in brandy and start vandalising cars. I do worry when I find myself thinking like this - is it then a short road to thinking like the respondents to this online survey? I like to think I would still have to perform some sort of impromptu home lobotomy with a rusty garden implement to end up there.

3) More daytime TV: The Jeremy Kyle Show. Well, where do you start? Maybe by looking at the banner at the bottom of the screen when it's on and trying to pick the one that most perfectly encapsulates the mind-warping lowest-common-denominator freak-show dreadfulness of it all. I respectfully submit today's for your consideration: "My brother murdered a prostitute". Can anyone do better?


everlands said...

How about "Your brother murdered my prostitute sister" ?

D. said...

another hard day 'working from home'

electrichalibut said...

Yup. And I only failed to mention Deal Or No Deal because nothing particularly exciting happened, not because I didn't watch it.