Friday, December 15, 2006

strangely similar slapheads

I was reading the sports pages in The Independent earlier this week after Alan Pardew was sacked as the manager of West Ham, and I couldn't help noticing the picture of the new Icelandic owner of the club, Eggert Magnusson, the man who presumably wielded the long knife and sealed Pardew's fate. And somewhat appropriately, because he is the spitting image of the psycho mountain weirdo from Wes Craven's original The Hills Have Eyes film (i.e. not the inevitable recent remake), a man also known for wielding long knives and sealing people's fates. And then eating them and making maraccas out of their skulls, very probably.

Another bug-eyed baldy weirdo resembling the bloke out of The Hills Have Eyes is the famous (now retired) Italian football referee Pierluigi Collina. So much so that my friend and fellow bloggist Andy sent a message to him via the Contact page on his website enquiring, politely, whether they were in fact one and the same person. No reply, sadly, although in an unrelated incident Andy's entire family were murdered shortly afterwards by a gibbering bald psychopath with an axe. And a whistle.

I've just looked up Pierluigi Collina's Wikipedia entry, and rather disappointingly it mentions the THHE baldy bloke resemblance. I suppose it was a bit unreasonable to expect no-one else to have noticed.....anyway, decide for yourself using the handy comparison below:

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