Friday, December 08, 2006

dugongs do not eat biltong; that would be wrong

Before anyone points out the obvious, dugongs (and their larger cousins manatees) are of course herbivorous, subsisting largely on sea grass and kelp, as well as the odd helping of zabaglione. In fact sirenians (i.e. dugongs and manatees) are the only herbivorous aquatic mammals on earth. FACT.

Which provides an interesting control experiment: if these big leathery buffoons taste "fishy" then it must be the extensive seawater marination that does it. Unless sea grass tastes of fish, of course. Does that mean land grass tastes of beef?


everlands said...

I wonder if you could have goujons made of Dugongs?

singlet said...

Not really sure why I searched blogs for reference to dugongs. Also not sure Im ready to wage a bet on the MacDonalds flavoured grass theory yet but it may explain the dog rolling thing.