Friday, May 15, 2009

funny peculiar

You know that feeling you get when your late and affectionately-remembered ex-girlfriend turns out to have starred in a critically-acclaimed film five years after her untimely death? No? Well you can file this under Slightly Weird then.

I recall mentioning a while back that my mate Tony's wife Lianne was the only person I knew (though as it happens I hadn't actually met her at the time) who had a legitimate Wikipedia page. Well, it turns out the other person I know (or, rather, knew) who has one is my ex-girlfriend Posy Miller - hers is mainly concerned with the aforementioned film which is called Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary and was constructed from a series of short 4-minute films shot during 2002 before Posy's sudden death from acute leukaemia on Christmas Eve of that year. The clips weren't intended for any particular purpose at the time, as I understand it, and the director Guy Rowland only hatched the idea of building a film around them afterwards, which, after much legal wrangling, was released in late 2007. You can imagine how slightly peculiar it is to watch the clips now, having had no idea they existed until a few hours ago.

A trailer can be viewed here - or you can download the while thing here. You'll need the DIVX codec as well.

Just to continue the morbid death-related theme, among Posy's drama contemporaries who I met briefly during our time at Bristol University (including a few people mentioned in a previous post) was celebrated playwright Sarah Kane, who committed suicide in 1999. I remember walking her home from a performance of one of her early works at the Bristol Students' Union in probably 1991 or so and observing after dropping her off that she could probably stand to lighten up a bit. Sadly I never got to walk Dominik Diamond home in a similar manner or he might have met with a tragic "accident" which would have truncated his fledgling TV career before it started.

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