Friday, April 06, 2007

double vulpine congratulations

Firstly to my fellow blogmeister Andy "Silver Fox" Browne who is now (as of last week) father to two daughters. Congratulations must also go to his wife Sara who, to be fair, did most of the work, Andy's involvement being, as I understand it, brief, yet pivotal.

Also many congratulations to my old friend Tony "Foxy" Fox who got married a month or so ago in New Zealand. Fascinating fact: Tony's wife Lianne is the only person I know (admittedly somewhat tangentially) who has a legitimate Wikipedia entry. The picture here is of Tony and Mario (another Antipodean escapee who now lives in Sydney) down on the Dorset coast in, slightly astonishingly (to me anyway), 1996.

Lastly, and I know this has seen some exposure on the internet recently, but I have to mention it because it is quite amusing - check out ex-Queen guitarist Brian May's website. I have to reproduce just a couple of quotes: one at the end of an article about animal testing:
I swear I will use all my influence, from now until I die, to try to turn the human race around...
Cheers, Bri. And one from a somewhat hyperbolic piece about John Lennon:
NEVER had anything been created like these works in the whole of History.
Crikey. And there's me thinking they were just some songs.

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