Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the links are on me

A couple of additions to the links sidebar (on the right) which may be of interest:

The Bristol Rugby website. I was sure I had this up there already but it seems to have dropped off somehow. My reinstating it gives me an excuse to mention Bristol's glorious 17-0 victory over Stade Francais at the weekend, in some archetypal Bristolian weather conditions.

Theodore Gray's Periodic Table website. Who could not be fascinated by the very stuff the universe and everything in it is actually, in a very real sense, made of? Particularly when some of the elements can be made to cause entertaining explosions simply by some carefully calibrated chucking of lumps into a lake.

The Language Log, for those who find the minutiae of the English language inherently fascinating. A recent post links to the similar Eggcorns website which is a list of common misuses and misspellings. I see they've got phase/faze which always particularly annoys me, for some reason. And, just to link to some previous posts, there's an article about finding mondegreens in foreign song lyrics. The alternative lyrics to the French kiddy staple Alouette are great.

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