Monday, November 12, 2007

congratulations, YOU are a genius

Apparently my blog is too sparklingly erudite and literate to be understood by anyone less educated than a college post-graduate. Click on the icon displayed here to test out your blog's verbal diarrhoea rating.

Find your blog's reading level!
Anyone struggling with this might like to know that the Cheese Racing web site has a much more cretin-friendly "Elementary School" rating.


The Black Rabbit said...

Heh heh!
Only college postgrad?
Blue-Grey is retarded, sorry, rated as ....


everlands said...

My blog is rated as "Elementary School".

I must use small words, or something.

electrichalibut said...

I noticed the BG "Genius" rating. I suspect it's all those Latin taxonomical classifications, and similar fancy book-learnin'.

My liberal use of certain sweary expressions may have counted against me, as well. Cheesy wheelbarrow!

everlands said...


The Black Rabbit said...

Random. Innit.

I've noticed a few people visiting BG after typing in "Tits" on a search engine.
I don't think they were searching for nesting Blue Tits though, eh?
They didn't hang around.
The electronic visitors I mean, not the tits.

On that subject, looks like EH will get to 1000 visitors much quicker than BG (assuming our visitors are logged under the same stipulatia).
Something to do with the fact that EH talks about pretty well anything, and BG pretty well NAFFINK!!!

I'm off to hunt down a Peregrine now.
You do as you please, won't you.

electrichalibut said...

Plus (judging by the latest stats) you can get to my blog by putting "see Martina Hingis buttocks" into Google. Now that's got to get the viewing figures up. And down again once the visitors realise you don't actually get to see anything.