Friday, November 23, 2007

exciting news

If this article is to be believed then we may finally be in with a chance of seeing something most people though we would never see: a new My Bloody Valentine album. Those of you paying attention to previous album reviews will know I take the entirely reasonable view that their 1991 album Loveless is one of the great albums of the 1990s, or, heck, any other decade come to that. So since we've been waiting just the SIXTEEN BLEEDIN' YEARS you'll forgive me a bit of excitement.

Here's a brief interview with MBV's main man Kevin Shields about the album (Loveless, that is, not the new one), and here's some songs: the rumblingly funky Soon and the far more strange To Here Knows When, which is so warped and weird as to cease to be a rock song at all in any meaningful sense, and yet it's still great, particularly at ear-blistering volume. In fact I would argue that's the only volume at which it really makes sense: if you're listening to a song featuring electric guitar feedback effects (and those are the best kind of songs) you really need to listen to it at a volume which might plausibly cause those effects to happen in real life, i.e. loud. I used to make this eminently sensible argument to my mother when I was living at home, but strangely she didn't seem convinced.

Finally, here's Sometimes as featured in the soundtrack to the excellent Lost In Translation. If you are suffering from some species of brain injury and don't enjoy Kevin Shields' fabulously warm and treacly guitar sound, you can always gaze at the lovely Scarlett Johansson. Enjoy.

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