Monday, July 16, 2007

high five!

Finally got round to signing up to Facebook this evening - I can already see it's going to be hugely addictive, particularly for people who have far more friends than me. I'm sure it's a force for good, socially speaking, though, unless you're some kind of crazy sinister stalker type (and no way am I one of those). Already, just to give you a for instance, I have made contact, of a sort, with my old mate Graham who I haven't spoken to, still less seen, for many years. There is an argument to be had about whether sitting hunched over computers in separate rooms, and indeed separate cities, really constitutes "socialising" in any rational sense, but hey, at least you can't catch anything.

Postscript: this appears to provide a link to my profile. What with the whole cross-confirmation of friendship thing the uninitiated may find it doesn't work. So sign up already!


The Black Rabbit said...

Not for me.
I think I'll stick with face dancing!

electrichalibut said...

Ah, don't be such a Luddite. It won't hurt.

And I've seen you face dancing. You won't make many friends doing that.

The Black Rabbit said...
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