Monday, January 08, 2007

Himmel! Aiieeeeee..........

This will be utterly pant-wettingly hilarious to you if:
  • You ever read those square-jawed war epics in comics like Hotspur and Victor when you were a kid
  • You ever defaced a work of comic art with Tippex and a biro for scatologically comic effect
  • You remember Sergeant Johnny Death from Viz
  • You have a mental age of about eight
  • You aren't my mother
If you fulfil all those stringent criteria click here. Don't say you weren't warned, though.


The Black Rabbit said...

That's brilliant!
How on earth did you find that?!
Christ knows what you type into the Google Search Engine...!

everlands said...

For you Tommy, the search for internet comedy is over ....

electrichalibut said...

It's linked to by the current post at the brilliant The Gallows that I posted a link to a while ago. The second story is highly amusing as well, though possibly highly treasonous too.