Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is Doctor Who saying....bollocks

A while ago BT introduced a facility whereby you could send a text message from a mobile phone to a landline and it would be automatically translated into a voice message. This in itself provided much potential for amusement, since the voice used was a slightly prissy electronic-sounding female voice, just begging to be used to recite the most foul and degrading filth.

However, BT then came up with a stroke of even more sublime genius - getting the legendary Tom Baker to provide a complete set of sound samples so that his voice could be used for a limited period in early 2006. Inevitably, someone captured a whole catalogue of clips of varying degrees of scatological outrage and put them on a website. And here it is. You'll need sound-reproducing facilities on your computer, needless to say.

One of the clips on the "random" page links to a page of Personal Ads from the Framley Examiner - this is also highly amusing, as are any of the other pages you can click on at random here. It's a sort of more British, more Pythonesque, less political version of The Onion.

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