Wednesday, January 17, 2007

just in case... want to keep up with our crazy Dartmoor adventures from the comfort of your padded La-Z-Boy with integral pizza phone and lager chiller, you might want to (with the other hand) try one of these links:
  • Andy's mobile blog: postings may or may not be done (with pictures - maybe) on an occasional basis, depending on whether or not there's any mobile signal where we are. The coverage maps for Orange and O2 suggest we might be in luck - we'll see.
  • The Dartmoor webcam: this one is situated near Two Bridges, which we'll be near on Saturday afternoon if all goes to plan. If we see it we'll wave, or moon, or something. At the very least you should get an idea of what the weather's like (if someone's arse isn't obscuring the view).
Let's hope we don't meet the legendary Beast of Dartmoor while we're out there. Although if the sighting statistics are correct, there's a 4.2% chance it's a coypu, in which case we're probably fairly safe. And if the photo here is to be believed, it could well be something as blood-curdlingly terrifying as a tree-stump, or a discarded bin-bag.

Chances are the weather will keep the savage beasts away, anyway.

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