Monday, November 20, 2006

you can never have too many hats

....especially when one of them is an army surplus camouflage-coloured peaked fleecy balaclava. This is the essential piece of kit in my Dartmoor kit collection. Only trouble is I've got such an enormous head that it doesn't fit quite as well as it should, but as long as I don't want to talk too much, or be able to hear anyone else talking, it should be OK. Works particularly well when combined with the locking sheep-gutting knife I bought a week or so ago, as you can see.


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Moses!


Anonymous said...

That is really quite a disturbing picture. I'm guessing that a naked picture would be more disturbing. But probably not much.

Anonymous said...

andy. what are you doing?!!! For Christ's sake don't go there Dave.

By the way, purlease tell me you didn't take that photo yourself, on 'self-timer'.

Now all you've got to do is practice your lines:

"Squeal piggy, squeal!"
"You shaw have one purty mouth, city bwoy"

etc etc...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Doug, didn't mean to go putting ideas in his head.

Anonymous said...

nice hat - now you have managed to get it on, will you ever get it off again!

doh, I have the same hat and will be wearing it out with Dave, is that as bad as wesring the same dress?