Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend photos

We went for a 15-mile walk around the edge of the Cotswolds at the weekend as a training exercise for the Dartmoor trip in January. Photos can be found here.

Very pleasant walk, nice scenery, some interesting historical sights to see - a word of warning though: if you're thinking of emulating our exact route, watch out while walking through Lye Farm near Bencombe (about half a mile due south of Uley), as there is an unmarked electric fence strung next to a gate on the footpath. Just at the right height to brush your arse against as you step back to get out of the way of the gate while opening it, as I did. Amusingly, despite witnessing my arse-electrocuting antics, Andy slipped on some mud and grabbed the fence with his hand a couple of minutes later; cue more zapping and swearing. Lye Farm, consider yourself named and shamed. Like you care.

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