Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Welshman of the day

Actually this is more a couple of of everyday objects that you might have lying around the house, not knowing that they are named after Welshmen.

Captain Morgan rum

Named after Sir Henry Morgan, notorious 17th-century pirate and later, slightly more respectably, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. Born in Llanrhymny, Glamorgan in 1635(ish), did lots of looting and pillaging in South and Central America, hot-footed it back to England and got knighted by Charles II and sent off to the Caribbean. Nice work if you can get it!

Mount Everest

Named after Colonel Sir George Everest, born near Crickhowell in 1790, geographer and Surveyor-General of India. The mountain itself was surveyed by Everest's successor, Andrew Waugh, who named it after his predecessor, presumably because he didn't know what the native name was, or he couldn't pronounce it. Speaking of pronunciation, an interesting footnote is that Sir George pronounced his surname "Eve-rest" and not "Ever-est". So we've all been saying it wrong all these years.


The Black Rabbit said...

VERY interesting fact on Mt.Everest. Never knew that.

Less so re: Capt.Morgan. I think most people may well have guessed "MORGAN" was Welsh...!

The Black Rabbit said...

ps. you are right... Mt.Everest IS an everyday object that we have lying about our flat..
I only went and tripped over the bleeder, in the hallway this morning! Ooh bugger!
I thought I'd put it back in the cupboard last night.

electrichalibut said...

I keep mine in the pantry, behind the Captain Morgan rum. Doesn't leave much room for anything else though.

everlands said...

I followed the advice of the late TV D-lister Ted Moult - "Fit the best - fit Everest"

And now I need a team of Sherpas just to open the frickin blinds.

Thanks Ted.

Do I win £10?