Monday, November 06, 2006

the fog!

It's been very foggy here today - at times my view of the exciting goings on at the M4/M5 interchange has been obscured. There was a theory going round the office that this was just residual bonfire/firework/sparkler smoke from the weekend, but this seems somewhat implausible to me. Especially as it cleared in the middle of the day and then came back later. I can't see what it's doing now as it's dark, but I'm pretty sure it's still there. Almost a bit like the spooky fog in the film The Fog, only with (hopefully) fewer worm-ridden, leprous, hook-handed glowing-eyed undead pirates lurking about in it.

I was having an argument earlier about the film because a colleague of mine insisted it starred Jamie Lee Curtis, and I insisted it didn't. Turns out we were sort of both right as the main character (the radio DJ) is played by Adrienne Barbeau, but Jamie Lee Curtis is in it as well (though I can't remember who she played. I should imagine there was some serious in-peril screaming to be done, though). We then went on to have a scurrilous conversation relating to various entirely unfounded internet rumours regarding Jamie Lee Curtis which is probably best not related here. Especially as the subject is already covered here.

Aaaaaanyway - it turns out Adrienne Barbeau was married to John Carpenter at the time the movie was made, though I'm not suggesting for a moment that this means the casting process was anything less than rigorous. She also appeared in the wonderfully titled Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death in 1989, so I'm guessing maybe her subsequent career didn't pan out quite as she would have hoped.

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