Sunday, January 17, 2016

hello and welcome to snatch of the day

The junior doctors' strike has put Jeremy Hunt's name back on the front pages of late, so it was pretty much inevitable, especially given the BBC's considerable previous in this area, that someone was going to call him a cunt live on air at some point. Bravely throwing herself on the grenade this time was BBC 6 Music's Niki Cardwell, who dropped the c-bomb during a news bulletin. Despite the sub-headline and the embedded media clip this Mirror article doesn't actually allow you to "Listen to BBC newsreader's unfortunate slip-up", since the relevant moment is obscured by an unnecessarily deafening bleep. However some excellent person has put together a YouTube collection of some of the best inadvertent (or was it?) Jeremy Cuntery, including the classic Jim Naughtie and Andrew Marr moments; Niki Cardwell's slip-up is at about 0:52.

A break from all the relentless cuntery was provided last Saturday by Match Of The Day rentapundit Mark Lawrenson, who during a seemingly innocuous piece of analysis about Everton managed inexplicably to mispronounce Steven Pienaar's name (it's at about 0:22 into this clip). Gabby Logan coped about as well as could be expected, under the circumstances.

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