Wednesday, January 13, 2016

happy blogmanay

Time for the New Year roundup of last year's blog stats and some points of interest, mainly (or more likely only) to me. The numbers down and to the right a bit don't lie, and last year was, by a small margin, my least bloggy year yet, only a late splurge of three posts on December 29th getting me up into three figures.

2015's total of 101 posts is the lowest ever for a completed year, just below the previous year's 104. Things were looking promising when I'd clocked up 59 posts in the first half of the year, compared with 45 in 2014, but then things went into a steep decline with only 42 posts in the second half of the year, compared with 59 in 2014. Game of two halves, innit.

On the other hand, I logged 19 book reviews in 2015, which exceeds the previous year both in absolute and percentage terms (i.e. the percentage of total posts that were book reviews).

Speaking of books, I note that in my ongoing attempt to smash the patriarchy my reading of A New Dominion straight after The Dispossessed represents just the tenth occasion during the lifetime of this blog where I've read two female-authored books in succession. On three of those occasions I've gone on to scale the dizzy heights of a third one as well, as follows:

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