Tuesday, January 05, 2016

headline of the day

This (although it's from the BBC website) is one of those tabloid-esque pack-as-many-nouns-in-a-row-as-you-can-and-see-if-it-still-makes-sense-type-of-things, which occasionally overlaps with the crash blossom category:

This one isn't really a crash blossom, it's just a bit jarring to the eye, not least by virtue of containing the word "penis", still a fairly unusual word to see in a headline, tabloid or otherwise.

As it happens the item Michael McFeat was queuing up for was a sausage made out of horsemeat, so I must say I'm slightly baffled as to where the major offence arose from. If sausages in Kyrgyzstan contain the same sort of meat as they do in this country I certainly wouldn't want to be putting my hand on my heart and claiming they were 100% penis-free.

Not to be outdone, Kyrgyzstan's much larger neighbour Kazakhstan has as one of its national dishes a thing called qarta, which is fried boiled horse rectum. You'd hope that as well as boiling and frying it they'd give it a bloody good rinse first.

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