Wednesday, July 08, 2009

yippee-kye-ay, monkeyfighter

Remember the blasphemy challenge from last year? Sounds like there may be something similar going on in Ireland shortly, as another pointless and ill-thought-out piece of legislaton is proposed. Among the high-profile protesters is none other than Graham Linehan, co-creator of such gems as Father Ted, Big Train, Black Books and The IT Crowd.

Graham Linehan also has his own blog, called Why That's Delightful!, which is mainly a repository of amusing video clips from around the world, presumably compiled while lounging around on the sofa between trips to the Groucho club and knocking off another sitcom. Lots and lots of good stuff here; the one that caught my eye was the apparently genuine sanitised-for-TV clip from the legendary Snakes On A Plane. Since the word "freakin'" is clearly OK (as it crops up at the end of the clip) they could have bailed out and just substituted "motherfreakin'" every time; to their great credit they didn't take that easy route, and instead came up with something genuinely....genuinely....well, judge for yourself:

Just for comparison purposes the original is here:

It's like the Harry Enfield sketch, only for real.

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