Monday, May 11, 2009

o man you are HURTIN dem wid dis shit

I had that Scott Mills in the shower this morning. Or rather I had his Radio 1 show on the radio - and just as well, as I gather he's some sort of deviated prevert. Anyway, he was relating a conversation he'd been having with fellow DJ, ex-public schoolboy, son of the Bishop of Peterborough and Ali G prototype Tim "Westwood" Westwood about trainers (or, depending how much of an upper middle-class English white man affecting to be a brutha from the Bronx you are, "sneakers"). Westwood is a devotee of the old skool keepin' it real hip hop stylee "box fresh" look, as he says here:
I buy a pair of white on white like every three weeks; none of this shit lasts for ever, especially in the clubs. You want that box fresh look – when they dead, throw them out. You don’t keep every pair of underpants you ever owned. For me, it’s all about co-ordination; I’ve got mad different colour laces to set shit off.
Now that's a viewpoint, of course, but as it happens I tend to take the opposite view, just as I do with jeans, i.e. I only really start to like them just before they fall apart (as a Levi's ad campaign said a few years back). My current pair of Converse All Stars are a case in point - it's only now they've got a bit ratty and grimy and have got shit on them that I really like them.

Evidently I'm not hip hop enough. What undoubtedly is hip hop enough is Westwood's Twitter feed - like the quote above you've got to read his tweets while doing the Westwood voice and randomly pointing at things (the ground is a good place to start) with both hands every few seconds to get the full effect. Randomly emphasising WORDS at RANDOM helps too.


everlands said...

I thought "Box Fresh" was some sort of feminine hygiene product?

electrichalibut said...

Sounds like a Viz advert. Remember "Fanny Scissors"?