Friday, May 08, 2009

freudenstein must be destroyed

The fun never sets in our office: Phil was just asking us to guess the name of his dentist. I know - crazy! Apparently it's Anderson. Yes, I know, I was expecting something more exciting too, but it turns out it was a prelude to a series of obscure Matrix jokes.

During the period leading up to this slightly disappointing revelation, though, we speculated on various names like Dr. Fang, Dr. Scaleandpolish, Dr. Phil McAvity, that sort of thing, which set me to looking up the Wikipedia article on nominative determinism, and being linked from there to a couple of pages of amusing (but allegedly real) medical practitioners' names.

Which, in turn, reminded me that I used to live round the corner from a medical practice when I lived in Bristol - a slightly intimidating Gothic-looking building that would make any prospective patients a bit nervous, I would imagine. This nervousness would only be increased should they read the list of doctors fixed to the outside wall and see that one of them bore the name Dr. Freudenstein. (Imagine a crash of thunder and a couple of big orchestral stabs at this point, if you will. Thanks.)

This link reveals that his initial is U, which prompts some speculation - I mean it's probably something Germanic like Uwe or Ulrich, but it could be Unspeakable or Unholy or Ululating or possibly Unglaublich. A quick visit to the practice's website, though, reveals that in fact it's Ulrich.

That won't save him though. Shall we say 8pm outside the front gate? Bring a torch and a pitchfork.

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