Wednesday, October 29, 2008

celebrity lookeylikey of the day

I've started to get slightly paranoid about these; I think it must be the drugs. So I've thought of a couple over the course of the past month or two, but I've felt the need to check on the internet to see whether I'm being hopelessly unoriginal. And in a couple of cases the answer has been yes, I was being hopelessly unoriginal. Examples:

  • BBC journalist and current Strictly Come Dancing comic relief John Sargeant and comedienne Jo Brand - there's thousands of pages out there noting the uncanny resemblance; here's one.
  • Ex-French rugby player Richard Dourthe and actor and Mile High Club member Ralph Fiennes - a couple of people have already noticed this one as well. The Planet Rugby lookalikes section has some excellent other stuff as well - links are below the image in the previous link.
A couple of people may have noticed my next one already, but I'm going to take the precaution of not bothering to check, cos I've gone to the trouble of finding some pictures now. And they are:

Co-writer of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David, and Scouse poet Roger McGough. So am I saying, essentially, that all balding grey-haired blokes in round glasses look the same? Yes. Yes I am.

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