Wednesday, October 22, 2008

all aboard the atheist bus; calling at Rationality Road, Clarity Close and Sanity Street

In a highly gratifying outbreak of rationality, the British Humanist Association's fundraising drive to finance some adverts on the side of London buses has been swamped with filthy godless cash. Their original target was £5,500 - when I slipped them a tenner for their trouble about half an hour ago they were up to over £73,000. In two days.

That'll buy quite a lot of adverts. If you want to help finance a few more, click here. Couple of notes on the links in the first couple of lines above - the BBC article contains some rich tangy irony with one of the nutters from Christian Voice complaining about people being "preached at" (no, really), and the Guardian one contains (at the point I visited) 1587 comments. If you're wondering how many comments were left before someone invoked Pascal's Wager, the answer is: eight.

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