Wednesday, June 25, 2008

court short

Let me commemorate the start of Wimbledon 2008 by pointing out that number 3 seed Novak Djokovic has just lost in straight sets to Marat Safin, who you'll recall I mentioned as a possible source of upsets last year. I was unforgivably remiss in not using the amusing phrase "dangerous floater" on that occasion, so let me rectify that here. I'm planning to eat a whole Pizza Express American Hot pizza when I get home from the golf course tonight, so I may have need of the phrase in a slightly different context tomorrow morning.

Continuing the tennis/childish sniggering theme, my old mate Graham always used to refer to former Wimbledon and US Open finalist Mark Philippoussis as Arse Willy Poo Piss. Which is undeniably very amusing.

On a similarly childish (but non-tennis-related) note the lovely Hazel bought some posh handwash for the bathroom the other day from Molton Brown. It could be just me, but this strikes me as an amusing phrase in a similar way, i.e. if the pizza is particularly indigestible I could have a nasty case of the molten browns in the morning. Not for the first time.

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