Thursday, June 12, 2008

big fish, little fish, cardboard box

Nice to see that the Daily Mail occasionally take a break from complaining about illegal immigrant lesbian Muslim paedophiles sullying Diana's memory by causing a house price crash to run some interesting stories.

Incidentally you can generate your own Daily Mail headlines by using the link in this post (assuming it still works) or generate some Daily Mail reader stylee comments by using the SYB Twat-O-Tron.

But I digress. Here's an interesting story about a giant halibut. Apparently they can get up to twice this size. So watch yourself. Our day will come, and when it does people who haul our fishy brethren out of the sea by embedding hooks in the roof of our mouths, hang us up to take photographs and then throw us back in (or, alternatively, cut us up into juicy steaks and cook us) will very probably be first up against the wall. Just as soon as we've evolved opposable thumbs, and some means of on-land ambulation. Oh, and lungs. Any day now.

There really is a halibut museum on the island of Senja, by the way. It's only open between the 23rd of June and the 12th of August, though. Maybe that's the halibut season or something.

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