Saturday, February 23, 2008

that's the ticket

Unpacking a couple more boxes today and I discovered a big stash of old tickets to various events that I'd hung onto for no apparent reason (actually they were pinned to a cork board in the old flat). Anyway, I can't really justify hanging on to this sort of junk, but I thought I'd scan them in and immortalise them before throwing them away. There's a couple of vest numbers from old running events in there as well. This (as so often) is far more for my own amusement than anything else, but if you want a look, be my guest.


The Black Rabbit said...

Just was your guest...

I remember being at a couple of those matches (rugby of course, not cricket).

My half "maratha" were mostly in Wycombe though.
Iron man stuff compared to Bristol and Bath I'll have youz know...!

electrichalibut said...

One of them might even have been the game where you stepped on Stuart Barnes and spilt zoider on his shoes. Great days.

The Black Rabbit said...

Oh yeah!
Great days indeed, in idiots corner.
I trust you still possess the t shirt?