Monday, February 04, 2008

the bridges of Gwent county

Forget Petra, Angkor Wat and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, we've got what you need right here in Newport. The Newport Transporter Bridge is the largest remaining example of this very unusual style of bridge architecture - there are only eight left in the world. It's a Grade I listed monument and was repaired and generally tarted up a few years ago: ordinarily it's open at weekends but sadly it's currently out of action so we couldn't take a trip across (and ideally back).

Despite having to do it from the riverbank I took a few photos, and here they are. We walked back into town along the Usk so you get a couple of pictures of the City Bridge (winner of a prestigious Structural Steel Design Award when it was opened in 2005) and the George Street Bridge (the first cable-stayed bridge in the UK!). Spantastic!

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Andy said...

I see it turns up in one the Channel 4 Ident/Movie-Intros too.