Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new toys

We've got a bit more room in the new house, both indoors and out, so that gives me an opportunity to play with some new toys. And here they are:

Toy #1: an electric organ. Specifically, it's a Farfisa TS 600, so none of your rubbish. Inherited from Hazel's parents, who wanted to get rid of it. So all I need to do now is, erm, teach myself to play the organ. I did do grade 2 piano back when I was about 11, so I know which notes are which and I can pick out a few chords and read music, after a fashion, but that's about it.

Toy #2: a gas-powered barbecue. Specifically, it's an Outback Granite, so none of your rubbish. Inherited from Hazel's parents, who wanted to get rid of it. Fortunately I already know how to play the barbecue; in fact I am something of a virtuoso. The 13kg propane cylinder was purchased separately, at surprisingly exorbitant cost (you have to pay 30 quid deposit on the cylinder, plus 20 quid for each cylinder-full of gas), from B&Q.

Toy #3: a punch bag & speedball combo. Originally purchased from Argos back in about 2002 when I moved into my previous flat in Bristol, whereupon it immediately became apparent that it was far too big and heavy to accommodate anywhere in the flat, so it went straight down to the cellar, where it stayed for about 5 years until I went and retrieved it last week. The cellar room in the old place was a bit damp, so I was fully expecting it to have mushrooms and vines growing out of it, and baboons nesting in it, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it's actually all in pretty good nick. It's now in our much bigger (and drier) cellar room in the new house, where I confidently predict it will actually get used, finally.

Toy #4: a dart board. Specifically, a proper Winmau sisal board, so none of your rubbish. I've had this since about 2000, if not earlier, but never had anywhere to put it. It is now up on the wall in the cellar room, where I like to think the occasional dart mark in the wall won't be noticed or objected to too much. You can rest assured that the bull is the requisite 172cm from the floor, and that the bit of Duck tape marking the oche is the requisite 237cm from the wall. Arrers!


The Black Rabbit said...

You have the audacity to comment regarding medieval porn on BG, and the same day, post a photo of a giant organ on EH?

I'll be over as soon as possible to whup your ass, reeeeal goood, at the magic arrers.

As Sid Wadell might say:
"my feet stand firmer than the launch pad at Cape Canaveral" (quote) when I'm arrering.
Or "I'll take the flesh from your teeth with my tungsten tips" (quote again).

electrichalibut said...

Yes - I was POUNDING AWAY at my MASSIVE ORGAN only last night.

The downstairs games room is coming along nicely - there's a beer fridge down there as well. I'll prepare your bendy Bully and your BFH for when I open a can of WHUP ASS over your, erm, ass.