Friday, June 17, 2011

that is rather slippery of you, agent sainsbury

I was in my local Sainsbury's the other day when I noticed a peculiar thing: I'd picked up a box of red wine and I thought it looked a bit squarer and squatter than usual. Closer examination revealed the reason for this: it was only 2.25 litres instead of the usual 3, or, to put it another way, the equivalent of three bottles instead of the usual four. This seems to be a general change of policy for Sainsbury's as most of the other boxes had been changed to the new smaller size as well. Rather cheekily, though, the prices didn't seem to have been adjusted down by the requisite 25% (for instance £12.99 for the Australian Merlot is the equivalent of £17.32 for 3 litres), nor was there any signage up saying WARNING: SMALLER BOXES or anything like that. I deem this to be a rather sneaky money-making exercise on Sainsburys' part, and, more importantly, a bid to restrict my wine consumption. This will not do.

Purely for research purposes I dropped into Tesco yesterday to check out the competition, and I see no evidence that Tesco are adopting the same policy, I'm glad to say. Just on the off-chance that this was just a clear-out of old stock I picked one up; compare the relative shapes and sizes below.

[Quick footnote: I meant to link for comparison purposes to this earlier post comparing the (formerly) standard 3-litre pack to the gargantuan 5-litre one I acquired in France. Surely bigger is the way to go, if only to increase the wine/packaging ratio? It's more environmentally friendly, after all.]


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Good point EH.

They've done the same with 'Echo Falls' white as well.

On the whole, we've found that Sainsbury are just a little cheaper on price than Tesco on wine, but their beer is a bit more. Tesco also seem a bit cheaper on most spirits, and in fact, their 'Value' Scotch is pretty good for a few coppers over a tenner...

But it's all about screwing the customer in the end; they're market traders - out to find ways of grabbing your 'hard-earned'...

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

I've taken up your post Mr. Halibut, and done a similar moan!!

Hope that's OK by you...!