Friday, June 17, 2011

stitch this

One's jeans yielding under the immense outward pressure imposed in the groinal department and subsequently requiring repairs is one thing, but you don't really expect to have to sew up your shoes.

However, it appears that I have one foot bigger than the other, or possibly just more misshapen and abrasive than the other, because my shoes show an interesting and consistent pattern of wear, as the pictures below show.

Firstly, my knackered old Saucony running shoes. Note that the right heel (on the left as you look at it: come on, keep up) is ragged and worn whereas the left one is relatively OK.

Then my beloved black and yellow Vans - both heels are pretty fucked up on these, but the right one is worse.

Finally my Teva walking shoes - I purchased these only about 18 months ago, but I have worn them almost constantly since, so they've got a few miles on the clock. And, as you can see, it's the right heel that has started to disintegrate.

But how to fix it? Well, various gluing options occurred to me, but in the end the best thing to do seemed to be to get the old needle and thread out and sew them up. Not easy, as getting a needle in and out of a concave surface in a confined space requires a few contortions, and a certain amount of swearing. But the end results are fairly tidy, I think, and hopefully will stave off further damage for a while. No idea how long it'll hold together, but we'll see.

Other sewing news: while out gardening the other day and doing a bit of frenzied digging with my wrecking bar, I managed to catch myself in the left tit with the hooked end, tearing my shirt in the process, so that wanted fixing too.

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