Tuesday, February 09, 2010

make mine a large one

I meant to add a footnote to the previous post while mentioning whiskies beginning with "T" - the Tomintoul distillery in Speyside, in addition to producing a range of apparently quite decent whisky (marketed as "the gentle dram"), also holds the current world record for the largest bottle of Scotch whisky ever produced.

The bottle is pictured on the left, and more information is available here. Presumably the standard-size bottle on the right of the picture and the standard-size lady on the left are for comparison purposes. A video of the bottle-filling process can also be found here.

It's not clear from the linked pages what happened to the bottle after it was filled; I would guess it's probably in a display case somewhere for visitors to the distillery to look at. If you were to take it home you would find (in addition to having to work out how to pour a glass) that there are 4212 standard 25ml pub measures in it, so at a dram a day it would take you just over eleven and a half years to neck the lot.

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