Saturday, January 30, 2010

oodles of noodles

Great excitement: my latest batch of internet noodles has arrived.

I reckon my family are single-handedly keeping the UK Korean noodle importing industry going; not only has my sister Emma made recent use of the Wing Yip internet noodle facility, my younger sister Hannah is a big fan as well (though I think she favours the all-in-one Pot Noodle-style polystyrene tub version - it's essentially the same product though). My parents are also addicted, and since the Oriental shop in Hereford has recently either shut down or stopped stocking the Nong Shim noodles (not sure which) I added some for them to this order - so the large pile (70 packets) pictured isn't all for me, just most of it.

Just to reiterate: other brands are available, but the Nong Shim ones are the guv'nor in this particular culinary genre. If you really can't find them then the Sutah Ramen noodles are a pretty acceptable substitute, but they just aren't quite hot enough to make your nose run and your (face) cheeks go numb in patches while you're eating them in that charming way that the proper ones do.

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