Tuesday, July 22, 2008

if love is good, let's get to ramen

My internet noodles haven't arrived yet, so I ventured forth on a journey into the unknown at lunchtime today and tested the first of my random noodle selection. First up: Sutah Ramen. These are distributed in the UK by the delightfully named Double Happiness Wholesale Ltd., who are based, rather more mundanely, in Romford.

Verdict: they're pretty good. In fact they're probably largely indistinguishable from the classic Shin noodles in a blindfolded test. The noodles are a bit yellower and go softer a bit quicker, and the spicy soup mix dissolves better so you don't get that slightly surprising sting in the tail you get with the Shin noodles, whereby the last couple of spoonsful from the bottom of the bowl blow your ears off across the room. Your classic egg drop noodle soup combo is pictured below.

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