Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mmmm....free cheese

What I also did at the weekend (on Sunday afternoon, after getting back from mid-Wales) was pop over to the Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival down at Cardiff Bay. Nice sunny afternoon, the Bay is very scenic after its millennial uptarting, there were some bands playing and, best of all, lots of stalls were giving away free stuff. Among other things I sampled:
  • several kinds of cheese: Caerphilly, goat's, some slightly rank blue stuff
  • a few perrys & ciders, including some slightly TCP-esque 7.2% cider which you could probably descale your kettle with
  • some Norwegian smoked salmon
  • some slightly gamey Norwegian sausage which might very possibly have had reindeer in it
  • various organic chutneys and dips
  • some cherry brandy
  • some Welsh whisky liqueur
  • some other Welsh liqueur made out of whinberries
  • some beer from the Pen-lon brewery
  • some apple brandy
Felt slightly bilious after all that, so we went for a pint and a sit down. A few pictures can be seen here.

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