Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Devon knows it's miserable now

Here's a few photos from Doug's stag weekend in North Devon (specifically, Mortehoe and Woolacombe). One of my favourite parts of the world, though it's even nicer when it isn't chucking it down with rain most of the weekend, which it was when we were there, unfortunately. Here's a few tangentially connected links for you:
  • The Ship Aground in Mortehoe and the Golden Hind in Woolacombe are probably the pick of the pubs in the area.
  • Going clubbing in the area? Well, you haven't got a lot of choice: either take your iPod speakers to the beach, or get yourself down the Marisco Disco.
  • We went and did some clay pigeon shooting at the South West Shooting School near Ilfracombe; despite the relentless rain it all went very well, and no-one got shot in the face or anything, which was nice.
  • Our honorary bloke Henrietta runs the Rare Tea Company who specialise in, well, rare tea. You should go and have a look at their website and her blog, both of which are quite interesting, even to a dedicated coffeehound like myself.

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