Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the Tao without a gherkin on top is not the true Tao

Joke of the day: a Buddhist monk goes into a burger shop and says: "Make me one with everything."

Well I like it.


The Black Rabbit said...

Funny. But very old.

Here's something MUCH funnier, brand new and... TRUE!

My 'white' 'hipster' boxer shorts have been looking a liitle grey recently, so I thought I'd give em a bit of a bleach hot-wash in the washing machine this morning.

I loaded them in the machine, complete with one of those plastic balls, half full of liquid washing detergent. I then set the program to 95c and pressed the "go" button.
As the cycle began, I emptied half a bottle of thick bleach into the detergent drawer and continued with the decorating I'm busy with at the moment.

Now some of you might have already guessed what I was presented with, upon checking the machine an hour and a half later...

I have now got a kitchen flooded with boiling bleachy water, and suds reaching a foot up the walls.

I also have one completely melted plastic detergent ball. It looks a bit like a weird walnut now.

But most disappointing of all, I now have half a dozen pairs of bright-yellowy bleached snappers.


(I'm NOW just wondering if one or two of those sachets of 'net-curtain blue bleach' things will restore their original whiteness? Only one way to find out! Wish me luck!)

electrichalibut said...

Well, funnily enough, I'd never heard it before. I obviously don't hang out with enough Buddhists.

What struck me as slightly strange about your story, though, was how you started out with one pair of dung-stained white boxers, and ended up with six pairs of yellow ones. How does that work?

The Black Rabbit said...

I never mentioned how many pairs I loaded into the machine bate. I used the term "em" and "them".
You might shit yersel silly in the odd pair of snappers, mine were just ALL looking grey.
And now they ALL look like I've drunk a swimming pool of irn bru and pissed all over them.
Which of course, I have.

electrichalibut said...

Which is why almost all my kex are black. White is just asking for trouble. Especially if you drink a lot of Guinness.