Friday, February 02, 2007

album of the day

Rated R by Queens Of The Stone Age.

Not quite as good as its successors Songs For The Deaf and Lullabies To Paralyze, but still a powerfully bracing antidote to the Snowplays and Keane Patrols (or as Alan McGee memorably described them, "bedwetters' music") of this world. It's the usual mix of cracking psychedelic rock tunes (Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, Auto Pilot, Better Living Through Chemistry, Monsters In The Parasol, In The Fade), some less inspiring filler, and a couple of brief shouty ones where Nick Oliveri gets to sing (well, shout).

Rock and roll is, after all, as Neil Young once said, "the sound of revenge". Or, as Michael Stipe once said, "the sound of two oranges being nailed together". Make your own mind up.

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