Tuesday, January 03, 2023

the year of blogging dangerously infrequently

Here's the annual blog stats roundup, including graphs, if you like that sort of thing. The main headline news here is that this year (well, last year now) squeaked past 2017 by a single post to avoid being the joint-least-blog-post-y year on record at a paltry 45 posts. However, since 2017 included an all-time-low of 13 book reviews, while 2022 included a pretty healthy 23, that means that 2022 featured a measly 22 non-book-review posts while 2017 featured 31. There being more book posts than non-book posts is also a first for a calendar year. I can't really put my finger on a specific reason apart from the one I've already mentioned a few times which is that a lot of things that might have once ended up being blog posts end up on Twitter instead; to put it another way now that I have three kids I no longer have the free time or energy for extended blog ranting about a topic that piques my interest and might just do a short but sweary quote tweet or something instead.

Anyway, graphs follow. Note that following my realisation that I'd done the sex balance graph in a really stupid way last year I've recalibrated the scale to just show the percentage of books that were by female authors.

A few statistical highlights: although I read fewer books and fewer aggregate pages in 2022 than in either 2020 or 2021 (maybe increased opportunity for non-housebound activity after two years of intermittent lockdowns?) each of those three years featured higher book and page counts than any year since the all-time high of 2011. Longest book of the year was The Hydrogen Sonata at 605 pages, shortest was The Thirty-Nine Steps at 119 pages. The average book length in 2022 was around 323 pages, down from the 2020 high of 384 but just above the overall historical average of around 309. The percentage of books by female authors was down a little on last year at a fraction over 26%; this is nonetheless still a little higher than the overall average of just under 25%.

One other book-related matter: I took the plunge and registered with Goodreads for reasons that are slightly opaque to me right now, but I am taking the trouble to keep the book list updated in parallel with the blog list. If anyone is thinking of doing the same thing themselves, the most important thing to be aware of is that there is a bulk import facility that saves you having to type the details for 300 books in one-by-one, assuming that you have some sort of personal database somewhere (yes, of course I do) that permits exporting to some sort of Excel file for subsequent massaging into the appropriate import format.

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