Sunday, July 27, 2014

welcome to the piggledome

If you clicked on the photo gallery link in the last post, you might have noticed that once you get to the end of the golf-related stuff there are some other pictures not obviously related to what's gone before. These are some pictures of the In The Night Garden Live show that we took Nia (and some of her cousins) to see last week.

To be honest Nia's interest in watching the TV show has waned slightly of late, although we still generally have it on in the 6:20-6:50 slot just to provide a marker for the segue into story time and bedtime, so I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't be all that keen on the stage version. My fears were unfounded, however, as once she'd got over a bit of initial nervousness about the pre-show darkness and noise she was absolutely beside herself with excitement, and has been telling everyone she meets all about it at high volume ever since.

The show we went to was in Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham - basically it's presented in a sort of mobile inflatable big top which they just pack up and move on to the next venue. It was all quite well done, to be fair, though I was ready for some human conversation and an ice-cream by the end.

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