Monday, July 28, 2014

sainsbury's giveth and sainsbury's taketh away

Thanks to Google StreetView's splendid time-travel facility, I can now demonstrate what I was talking about here by showing you the view across the scrubby wasteland to the old railway embankment (featured in the image attached to the original post) from July 2008, and the view of the roundabout at the bottom of the new approach road to Crindau Sainsbury's from August 2012. Feel free to convince yourself that they are from the same viewpoint (or as near as possible given the reorganisation of the road layout) by orienting yourself using the distinctive white house in the middle right of the two pictures.

Here's another pair of views (2008 and 2012) of the same thing from a different angle, and here's the view from up on the former railway embankment, now Heidenheim Drive, in 2009 and 2012. Note that the aerial view has been updated too.

Contrast this glorious march of progress with the same process happening in reverse for the former city centre Sainsbury's branch on Wyndham Street just a mile or so down the road - bustling in 2009, derelict in 2012.

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