Thursday, November 26, 2009

obey the turd commandment

Two things spring to mind seeing this headline on the BBC website:

Firstly, that's not particulary newsworthy, surely? Prisons are big obvious things that you ought to be able to spot, and avoid, no matter how pissed you are. "Urinating student avoids own shoes" would be more remarkable.

Secondly, given the seriousness with which this is all being viewed (and I'm not suggesting pissing on war memorials is OK or anything) I feel I should in all conscience come clean and make the following confession: I have urinated in the fountains outside the Victoria Rooms in central Bristol on more than one occasion. I'm not proud of myself, and it was nearly 20 years ago, but there it is. I feel better now. I'm afraid I can't confirm whether or not my friend Mario ever followed through on his promise to symbolically confirm his rejection of organised religion by having a shit on (or perhaps even in) a church. I seem to recall that the Victoria Methodist Church and the Tyndale Baptist Church - both a short distance from the scene of my own micturatory misdemeanours - were the two most likely candidates.


The Black Rabbit said...

Does vomiting on Suggs' shoes count?

electrichalibut said...

Depends. Did it happen IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR STREET? Sounds like you'd gone ONE PINT BEYOND, or something. Oh to know the names of more Madness songs.