Friday, November 27, 2009

corr blimey

You remember The Corrs? With their dancey-pop-folk-rock tunes ploughing an unerring laser-calibrated furrow down the middle of the road? Everyone liked the Corrs, for one reason or another. And of course in the vast majority of cases it was "another", if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

So you'll be wanting to know my answer to The Corrs Question, which every man asks himself upon seeing them, or even just hearing their name. And that question is, of course: if you really, really had to choose, which one? And my answer is: Sharon, the fiddle player (on the right in the photo). Which is not to say I wouldn't prefer it to be all of them, in a big bathtub full of Guinness.

However, my point, which I'm sneaking up on ninja-stylee, has to do with the person Richard Herring used to call The Man-Corr, during the frequent visits to his Corrs shrine on This Morning With Richard Not Judy. That is to say multi-instrumentalist Jim Corr, who, it is revealed among numerous other pant-moisteningly fascinating facts on his Wikipedia page, is the tallest of the Corrs, as well as being - wait for it - the only male member.

Rather more interesting is Jim's own website, wherein he reveals himself to be a staunch adherent to pretty much every single bonkers conspiracy theory ever cooked up, mainly the myriad ones relating to the New World Order, which will be implemented (probably by David Icke's 12-foot lizards) literally Any Day Now.

I am not a psychologist, as you know, but my diagnosis is this: standing around on stage with his three lovely sisters for all those years, in the certain knowledge that a) every bloke in the world had just started having The Bad Thoughts and b) he, and he alone, was barred by social convention and societal taboo from doing the same thing, despite - oh, the bitter irony - being the one bloke in the world with legitimate access to their dressing-room area, has caused some sort of catastrophic mental meltdown.

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