Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sup dates updates

Just for a laugh I've brought the drink-related picture gallery I mentioned a while back up to date with a few (20 or so) new pictures. Click on this link to start where the original one left off, if you like.

The photo on the left I've chosen to illustrate this post with was taken in a bar in Amsterdam called De Drie Fleschjes (i.e. The Three Bottles) back in May last year - I'm sipping blue Bols while the lovely Hazel is sipping genever (Dutch gin).

Apparently the stooped hands-free sipping position to get the brim-full glass to a level where you can safely pick it up is all part of the drinking tradition. It's also apparently traditional that men drink the genever while the ladies drink the sweet brightly-coloured stuff (the ladies being easily charmed by bright shiny things, a bit like magpies, bless 'em). We were told this by a very urbane-looking Dutch gent leaning raffishly on the bar wearing a snazzy blue suit and chuckling away to himself while sipping a lunchtime beverage. Then again he appeared to be wearing white leather brogues, so while he may have been technically correct I wasn't about to take any lectures off him regarding rugged masculinity.

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