Tuesday, August 11, 2009

happiness is a warm gun

More to come on our exciting weekend adventures in Devon later, but a thought struck me as we were sitting on a pub terrace in Woolacombe on Saturday afternoon listening to some young people sitting around talking loudly, as young people do in pubs, just flaunting their carefree youth, and the fact that they don't smell funny and can make it to the toilet in time. Punks.

Anyway - the thought that struck me was this: when did it become common and/or acceptable practice to refer to biceps as "guns"? My perception is that I first heard that usage quite a short time ago, probably within the last year or two. I assume it's leached out into general usage from the closeted and mysterious (and frankly weird) world of bodybuilding. I'm not sure this is healthy. And I speak here as one who hones his finely sculpted physique by a combination of natural methods, including, but not restricted to, sitting around in pubs in Devon.

Still, better to be utterly grotesque (and no doubt prone to occasional bouts of roid rage) than a girly man, eh?

[Picture is from here.]

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