Monday, March 02, 2009

celebrity encounter of the day

Meant to mention this in the general Edinburgh post - we got the early morning flight from Cardiff and while we were blearily waiting around at the baggage reclaim conveyor belt at Edinburgh airport at about 8am somebody whispered to their travelling companion, "Hey, isn't that John Higgins over there? You know, the snooker bloke."

And sure enough, it was the Wizard of Wishaw himself, looking slightly unshaven and morose and standing off to one side reading a newspaper and trying to look inconspicuous - though picking up a really long thin suitcase off the conveyor along with his normal suitcase was a bit of a giveaway. It turns out he'd been beaten by Australia's Neil Robertson in the second round of the Welsh Open the night before. Lucky he's a reformed character these days or we might have had a repeat of this incident, and I might have been obliged to get all vigilante on his ass and subdue him.

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