Saturday, February 07, 2009

there's a fine line between "finely tuned animal" and "weird"

Brief follow-up on the Jeni Barnett MMR broadcast legal threats fiasco: a transcript of the broadcast can be found here if you want to witness the full gibbering idiocy of it. Small doses might be best to avoid the uncontrollable urge to claw your own face off.
The body is a really delicate organism. The tiniest bit of something can make you go weird. A little tiny bit of caffeine and you can be running up and down the stairs. A little bit of potassium sor...I don't know - whatever they put in these drinks - can make you itch. The body is a finely-tuned animal. We are animals.
TechnoLlama provides a slightly more well-informed legal view of the situation than I'm able to, as well as summarising why this is important a bit more succinctly than I managed to:
There are few topics of more importance than that of health, and the health of children is of particular interest to society. The MMR vaccine scare has been a national shame for many years, one that has even led to an increase in the recurrence of measles amongst the relevant infant population. In my view, there is overwhelming public interest to continue to expose those who perpetuate the lie that there is something wrong with the MMR vaccine, and I strongly believe that any court would be forced to take this view in light of the evidence.
Won't somebody think of the children? Just not in, you know, that way.

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