Friday, February 06, 2009

commandment #11: thou shalt not take the piss

Firstly: no reading this until you've ploughed through the tedious ranting in my last post. Promise now? OK.

After all that you'll be wanting some entertainment - well, you'll be glad to hear there are plenty of amusing internet-based cartoons available that don't conflict with your unswerving and monomaniacal commitment to radical atheism.

There you go. That was pretty good, wasn't it? More in similar vein available here, including some from the brilliant Jesus And Mo, which is well worth a permanent sidebar link, I think. Try this one for size:


rickdog said...

I think that you need to reflect on the characterizations of middle-easterners as portrayed in these comics. It's a sad commentary that so many of us do not see the void that is widened by dipictions such as these.

electrichalibut said...

Your concern is noted. You may in turn wish to reflect that your loftily patronising tone in the first sentence is undermined by your inability to spell "depictions" in the second.

You may also wish to reflect that you don't bridge the "void" between the view that some people should be killed for depicting a mythical prophet in a cartoon and the view that they shouldn't by assuming that the answer lies somewhere in between.