Sunday, January 18, 2009

bisch Bosch

A bit of a weekend of DIY here at Halibut Towers - firstly plumbing in a new Bosch dishwasher which we bought the other day:

This necessitated the purchase of much pipe-splitting T-jointage and extra lengths of waste pipe and the like, for which I was grateful for the presence of Hazel's dad in an advisory role to avert any Reg Prescott-style mishaps. Once the plumbing was complete we moved on to putting some shelves up (with the associated wall-drilling and Rawlplug action), and then to replacing the lights in the kitchen. This was deemed necessary for a number of reasons: firstly they were a bit old and manky, and secondly they hung down quite a long way from the ceiling, which in a room with limited headroom meant I was constantly hitting my head on them (when I wasn't scalping myself on the doorframe). So they had to go, and they have now been replaced by these bad boys:

Which is all good. One unexpected consequence of the spotlight upgrade, however, is the following, which I find slightly mysterious and spooky and I'm hoping someone can explain to me: there are two light switches by our kitchen doorway, and before today one of them operated the two sets of spotlights in the kitchen, and one of them operated the neon striplight in the utility room (where the new dishwasher lives). No longer though.


Switch selectedKitchen 1Kitchen 2Utility room


Switch selectedKitchen 1Kitchen 2Utility room

So in other words the set of spotlights nearest the door have migrated from being operated by one switch to being operated by the other, without any (intentional) change in wiring set-up. Weird, huh?

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